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Franco Fusignani
Chief Executive Officer
«Benetti is synonimous of Italian excellence all over the world. I feel proud to lead a group of committed and passionated people that work together to the common objective of uphold the prestigious reputation of Benetti. We have never been afraid of challenges and we look forward to the next pioneering projects».
Enrico Barsanti
Head of Operations Custom
«Precision and attention to details are key words in Benetti: we meticulously follow and give support the production process from executive engineering, planning and production, up to sea trials, test and final delivery».
Gianluca Benedettini
Head of Human Resources
«It is a pleasure to help the Company and the people to grow and develop toward a shared vision. It is like a deep dive into persons, ideas, emotions».
Stefano Buffa
Head of Engineering Class
«Together with my team we provide the best know-how and expertise to design the yacht of your dreams maximising comfort, safety and the timeless elegance of the Benetti Class».
Emanuele Casarino
Head of Operations Class
«A dream doesn't become reality through magic: it takes professionality, determination and hard work».
Diego Cavalli
Chief Services Officer
«I started my experience in the yachting industry in 2003 for the Azimut|Benetti Group. After few years I'm back in the Family, to bring my career to a perfect completion».
Roberto Corno
Vice President Sales - CIS & East Europe
«With a 15 years career in Benetti, my greatest satisfaction is helping Clients turn their dreams into masterpieces. My passion, dedication and respect for my clients allowed me to sell a 100m+ yacht. I am very proud to be part of the Benetti family».
Walter D'Avanzo
Head of Quality
«Quality for us means to check and guarantee that the processes and the products are in line with our company's ambitious mission and top quality standards. I'm the policeman, the judge, the lawmaker, the inside surveyor. It's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it!»
Gianandrea Emprin
Chief Financial & Corporate Officer
«Being in the nautical business for about 20 years, I always lived with the passion for this great family-run international company, in continuous growth in the exciting world of yachting».
Sebastiano Fanizza
Chief Commercial Officer
«My team and I are always on hand during the client’s journey, from the original concept until the final yacht delivery. I wouldn't say that we sell yacths, we fulfill the wonderful dream of sailing the seas».
Barbara Frassini
Legal Affairs Manager
«Having witnessed almost 15 years of evolution of the Azimut|Benetti Group keeps giving me the enthusiasm for the change and for being always ahead of time».
Ugo Garassino
Superyachts Sales Director
«In 33 years working for the Azimut|Benetti Group I have sold yachts of all the Collections of Azimut and Benetti. This has been, is and will always be my passion and joy».
Fabio Giangrasso
Head of Procurement
«Product Awareness, Pragmatism and Empathy are qualities that my team and I strive to improve every day to contribute to the Benetti's success».
Riccardo Lari
Lusben Livorno Director
«Lusben represents the excellence in Refit & Repair since 1956. It is fascinating to follow this special phase of a yacht life-cycle, working to give a yacht a new life».
Benedetta Moreno
Global Head of Marketing & Communication
«Benetti turns dreams into reality since 1873. Given the history that precedes us, I feel deeply blessed to be entrusted with the prosperity of such a brand. It is a venturesome and rewarding task».
Ferdinando Peretto
Group Head of Information Technology
«The Benetti IT is always progressing in order to support the business in the most efficient and effective way possible. Never walking alone».
Ferdinando Pilli
Head of Engineering Custom
«The Benetti Custom Engineering Department is vibrant today more than it has always been. It is the place where we take dreams and start to turn them into reality».
Christos Ramnialis
Vice President Business Development
«It's a priviledge to work for the best brand of the industry in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Looking forward to how this fascinating business will develop in the future».
Alessandro Rossi
Group R&D Director and Head of Composite Product Engineering
«Constantly looking for the best combination of design, technology and innovation, with the unmatched skills and enthusiasm of our cross-functional teams, I’m focused to achieve a superior and unexpected result for the customer, in continuity with our exceptional tradition».
Dario Schiavo
Head of External Relations
«The most beautiful thing to communicate is success».