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The Benetti Yachtmaster is a dynamic and interactive yachting
community, offering precious gatherings and training opportunities
among industry professionals and the world’s best captains
within and outside the Benetti fleet.
With the Yachtmaster, Benetti offers the opportunity to strengthen
the relationship with the world's best-in-class yachting
professionals by coordinating four different initiatives:
1. Never stop learning
The YM professional trainings will be mainly tackled during the workshops offering practical yacht management know-how promoted by in-house and external talents.
2. Never stop networking
The YM program foresees useful gatherings providing all guests with the possibility to share their professional experience in a selected network of experts.
3. Never stop enjoying
To support the professional-growth goal of the YM community, Benetti promotes a friendly atmosphere by organizing:

• Structured and engaging team building activities
• Themed Gala Dinner
• Sponsored on site-games
4. Benetti never stops
Thanks to the Benetti top management participation, the guests will be enabled to enjoy a privileged communication channel with the company  and learn about the newest brand and fleet announcements.

Location: Barcelona

Date: from the 19th to the 21st February 2020

Key topic: The life-cycle of a Custom Yacht

During the event the Benetti top management will take part to discuss yachting innovative topics and to guide the workshops. In the meanwhile, engaging activities such as team building and sponsors’ moment will be conducted over the entire 3 days program.

Location: Florida

Coming Soon!