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Photography by Benetti Shipyard Archive and Photographers Adriano Brusaferri, Alberto Cocchi, Charles Stapleton (Raspberry & Jam), Daniele Cereda, Bill Muncke, Gabriele Basilico, Giovanni Malgarini, Giuliano Sargentini, Christopher Scholey, James Raycroft, Jeff Brown (Breed Media), Marco Fulvi (Scovavento), Michela Locci (Simple Ag), Nico Fulciniti (JOBDV/Studio), Paolo Petrignani, Quinn Bisset (Q&K Media), Rory Bushe, Sara Magni, Thierry Ameller and Tom van Oossanen. Courtesy of Bonetti/Kozerski Architecture.

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Displays, photos, schemes, designs or examples contained in this website are solely and exclusively reproduced to highlight the information contained. Due to the different characteristics of each yacht, the shipyard declines any and all liability for any use thereof on the basis of the information contained in this website.


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