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Benetti is one of the oldest builder
of luxury motoryachts in the world.

Founded by Lorenzo Benetti in 1873, the company started its business with the production of wooden boats for the local and international market.

Gino and Emilio Benetti succeeded their father in 1914. They renamed the shipyard to Fratelli Benetti and became famous in the Mediterranean region and beyond.

After the Second World War, the market for wooden sailing vessels crashed completely and Benetti switched its production to pleasure crafts made of steel. Then, in the early 1960s, Benetti shipyard produced the first luxury yachts.

Since 1980, the fleet enlarged including big motor yachts in the 30 to 60 meters range and beyond, not least the world’s famous 86-meter-yacht “Nabila”.

In 1985, the well-known and Turin-based ship building company Azimut Spa acquired the Fratelli Benetti. They introduced a new management and transformed Benetti into today’s modern and technologically advanced shipyard, that still treasures their traditional values as well as their passion for fine craftsmanship.

Delve deeper into the
Benetti Yachts’s long history
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Building the most beautiful, reliable, technologically, advanced and innovative yachts. And providing assistance anywhere, and at anytime. That is our mission.

Paolo Vitelli, AZIMUT|BENETTI Group Chairman – Giovanna Vitelli, AZIMUT|BENETTI Vicepresident

Benetti has always been a family-owned shipyard. It has been able to ensure the company’s stable and continuous growth over decades with this strong family background, preserving the founder’s values and philosophy. Up to reach the excellence that made Benetti Yachts famous all over the world.

Innovative technology, important collaborations with the world of design, highest quality standards and the iconic elegance, became Benetti’s trademark, helping the shipyard to maintain its leadership among the high-end producer of yachts for sophisticated owners in the past, present and future.

Above all, Benetti has always embraced new challenges. Thanks to this courageous attitude Benetti became the only family-owned shipyard worldwide that launched 3 giga yachts in 100 days. What challenge will come next?