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Design Hub

Benetti is joining forces with the best international designers to broad the nautical design borders. Drawing inspiration even from very different sectors from the yacht design, unusual experience and skills can merge: Benetti wants to bring together the greatest designers, cooperate with them and find a new expressive power that combines excellent professionality with the desire for innovation and prestige.
In this new perspective, design must break up the rigid nautical traditions, draw the attention to the sea, open spaces and light. It must take a chance and welcome new solutions to interpret the iconic elegance that surrounded Benetti legacy in a new and even stronger way.
The designers involved by Benetti have faced this challenge of reinterpreting the classical nautical language and implementing the specific characteristics as sophisticated elements into their design solutions. They are able to preserve and exalt the unity between vessel and sea. Their creative ideas represent a perfect composition between design and functionality in which the unique style of Benetti can be easily recognized anytime.

Contaminations by the world of fashion design, architecture and art – this is the new, elegant and innovative yacht design of the future needed to reach new horizons.