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Some alliances, in life, are truly meant to be: a blessed fusion of talented minds and kindred spirits that together generate some unique and unrepeatable aftermaths. Hence, think of Benetti’s design history as the offspring of this kind of exceptional collaboration.
François Zuretti, Andrew Winch, Stefano Natucci, Marty Lowe, Dickie Bannenberg, John Munford, Terence Disdale, Stefano Righini: Benetti started to cooperate with such brilliant architects and designers in the 80s – when the rising evolution in size and complexity of the yachts demanded an extra sparkle of ambition in anticipating trends and architectural revolutions. That is how it established itself as the most versatile and innovative style-hunter navigating the sea of yachting.

Leveraging this legacy, Benetti keeps joining forces with the best international designers to broad the nautical design borders. Among the latest partnerships, let’s just mention RWD Studio, a London-based talented team that has a world-class reputation for its sophisticated custom-made exteriors and interiors; the Bonetti/Kozerski Studio, a symbol of Italian excellence based in New York, who also signed the famous Pace Gallery in NYC, all Donna Karan stores worldwide as well as her private villa and various boutique hotels; the creative team of Baciocchi Associati, a true beacon of elegance and Italian character, famous throughout the world for its unmistakable taste and for imagining luxurious boutiques for brands like Prada and Miu Miu, as well as innovative industrial complexes, and deluxe hotels like the Orologio in Venice.

In this new perspective, design must break up the rigid nautical traditions, draw the attention to the sea, open spaces and light. It must take a chance and welcome new solutions to interpret the iconic elegance that surrounded Benetti legacy in a new and even stronger way. The designers involved by Benetti have faced this challenge of reinterpreting the classical nautical language and implementing the specific characteristics as sophisticated elements into their design solutions. They are able to preserve and exalt the unity between vessel and sea. Their creative ideas represent a perfect composition between design and functionality in which the unique style of Benetti can be easily recognized anytime.

Contaminations by the world of fashion design, architecture and art – this is the new, elegant and innovative Benetti Design Hub.