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Bonetti/Kozerski Architecture

Bonetti/Kozerski Architecture achieves what has been described as an aesthetic of understated luxury. The duo applies its European approach both to private residential projects and retail branding creating unique solutions that bring together elements of both worlds.

Bonetti/Kozerski Architecture was founded in New York in 2000 by the Italian architect Enrico Bonetti and his English colleague Dominic Kozerski.

Enrico and Dominic work as a team, relying on each other to realize a design which is edited down to its most essential elements and a clear guiding vision. The duo thinks holistically – from the small to the large scale, from the details of furniture and art to the rhythm of spaces, volumes and materials – and creates spaces that combine an aesthetic of understated luxury and a warm minimalism. Bonetti/Kozerski Architecture carries on each project as a collaboration with the client: they work with them to realize their goals, always striving to bring something unexpected to the design process.

Their projects, characterized by a seeming effortlessness, are the result of a rigorous design process: alternating retail branding with private residential projects have helped Enrico and Dominic to create unique and innovative solutions that merge elements of both worlds.

From their studio, in the heart of Soho, they apply their European backgrounds to sophisticated projects for trendsetters, like hoteliers Ian Schrager and André Balazs, fashion designer Donna Karan and music producer Rick Rubin. Other recent projects of Bonetti/Kozerski Architecture include a private compound of five houses on the island of Parrot Key, Turks and Caicos, again for fashion designer Donna Karan, a new concept store for Tod’s in New York’s Hudson Yards, residential buildings in Malibu, Hong Kong and Beijing, commercial and residential projects in New York City. They also completed the first campus of the new global independent school network, Avenues, and designed the new global headquarters for the Pace Gallery, both located in Chelsea.