Azimut|Benetti confirms its role as a symbol of ‘Made in Italy’ excellence across the world as the famous magazine Robb Report USA chooses two new yachts built by the Group for its “Best of the Best” award in two highly coveted and very different categories.

“Luminosity”, a 107-meter giga yacht from Benetti with hybrid propulsion, places first in its category, while Verve 47 by Azimut Yachts, which made its successful debut at the Miami Yacht Show last February, climbs to the top step of the day cruiser podium. These two awards demonstrate once again the construction quality and capabilities of Azimut|Benetti, the only Group in the world able to offer owners such a wide-ranging and comprehensive fleet.

An ever present desire to innovate the yachting industry, a solid history built on passion and research, and a focus on materials and build quality, taken together with the decision to work with top talents in both the yachting and other industries, show once again that these are the ingredients of a winning strategy. And, in fact, Azimut|Benetti Group has been awarded two highly coveted and prestigious “Best of The Best” awards at the annual event organised by the US edition of the magazine Robb Report.

The panel chose one of Benetti’s most appealing boats ever as best Giga yacht. Built over the last 12 months, “Luminosity” was judged to be the most creative and, potentially, also the most ecological product in the category. What can only be described as a glass palace, it is 107 meters long and has over 800 square metres of glazing, with exterior styling and concept by Zaniz Jakubowski, Reymond Langton Design and Giorgio M. Cassetta, and interiors by Zaniz Jakubowski Design. The 3-meter high windows are completely seamless and give the yacht the sensation of being suspended over the water. The vertical bow delivers brilliant navigation and handling characteristics, while the main deck offers plenty of space for socialising. The yacht, which has PYC classification and can accommodate 27 passengers in 12 suites, is fitted with a helipad and a garage for two cars (including a Rolls Royce Phantom), a 24-foot sailing boat and two motorcycles. “Luminosity” also has an innovative hybrid propulsion system with diesel-electric engines and two 2,200 KW Azipod propulsion systems powered by six generators each rated about 1,000 KW. The energy produced is managed by a sophisticated, fully integrated power supply system, which uses spare electricity in part to charge 36 tonnes of batteries, enough for the yacht to operate for 12 hours without using the generator. One of the most advanced systems ever, the hybrid propulsion package is built, with the coordination of Benetti’s technical office, by the leading players in the industry: Caterpillar, Seastema, ABB.

Verve 47 from Azimut Yachts, on the other hand, is an outboard designed to fly over the water at 50 knots, cutting the time it takes to move from one hotspot to another in an adrenaline-pumping experience that offers the ultimate in comfort and contact with the sea. Born out of collaboration between Francesco Struglia, Michael Peters and the Shipyard, it is a model that looks certain to set a new benchmark. Struglia’s design springs from the desire to create a broad and deep bond with the marine environment: the helm station, which has extensive side glazing that both increases the driver’s field of view and establishes close contact with the outside world, introduces a design feature into the world of yachts that until now has only been seen in certain famous super sports car designs.

The hull designed by Michael Peters delivers remarkable handling, great course-keeping stability, significant drag resistance and excellent performance, all without affecting the dimensions and proportions of the hull.

This ambitious and original project is rounded out by four 450 HP outboard engines, a latest generation joystick and various technical innovations.

The awards presented to two yachts of such different sizes, types and characteristics confirms that Azimut|Benetti Group offers the most wide-ranging, comprehensive and varied fleet in the world, fulfilling the dreams of owners with very different backgrounds, not only in terms of their geographical location, but also of their desires, expectations and preferred lifestyles at sea.